Why some individual sweat lot

Understanding why the body sweats is the key to finding the solution for excessive sweating. Everyone sweats and it is a necessary function of a healthy body. The body is very complex and sweating, while it may seem annoying, is a part of the smooth functioning of your body.

Sweating is simply the body releasing a liquid from the sweat glands that are a part of the body. This is a rather general description of what sweating is, but it is accurate and that is all that sweat is in your body. The body uses sweat to help cool off and maintain a proper temperature. You typically find that you sweat in certain areas more than in other parts of the body. Usually you will find sweat under the arms, on your feet, and the palms of the hands. The body can produce sweat in every area of the body, but these are the most common.

The amount that a body will sweat will depend on the number of sweat glands that you have in your body. A person is born with anywhere from two to four million sweat glands in their body. There is a big difference between these two numbers. This means that some folks may be born with double the amount of sweat glands as others.

A woman has more sweat glands in her body than a man. There is a difference in the activity level of the sweat glands, however. Men tend to have more active sweat glands than women. The glands begin to become active during puberty and continue from that point for the rest of your life.

The body responds to environmental conditions, such as when the weather is hot, with sweat. You can also sweat when you are nervous, exercising or any other activity that will cause an elevation in the temperature of your body. There are some who sweat more than others and it can become a problem if it becomes excessive.

Excessive sweating can be caused by an underlying illness, so you should make sure that you are checked by your doctor if you are sweating in situations or conditions when you should not be. For instance, if your body is cool and you are still producing sweat.