What You Need to look in Office chair in India

A reception chair in an office, waiting room, or customer service area says a lot about the company. Old plastic seating that has never even been wiped down tells customers that the company concerned does not really care about customers and provides the cheapest possible seating simply because it has to do so. Then there is the old, rickety, ‘seen better days’ reception chair which looks untidy and uncared for. This gives the impression that the company, or practise, does not care, or cannot afford to buy any new ones. Whichever way it goes, it does not fill the prospective customer with confidence. Imagine sitting on an old, wobbly reception chair in a dentist’s waiting room. It does not give a positive feeling about the experience.

A reception chair needs to be strong, durable and generally serviceable. It need not be too comfortable but it should give a favourable impression of the efficiency of the business and be pleasant for waiting customers to look at. Deciding how many receptions chairs to buy is not easy but a business that is run properly should not have any more than a couple of people waiting at the same time. Carefully scheduled appointments avoid this but appointments do sometimes run over and there needs to be a comfortable reception chair for the waiting customer to sit in.

Buying a best office chair in India is not an easy task, as there are so many types and brands available. In this article we will be discussing the pros and cons of various office chairs and what features you need to look when buying an ergonomic office chair. Ask yourself how serviceable the chairs are, without being uncomfortable. Try sitting in a reception chair and see how it makes you feel. The way a reception area and reception chair impacts on the customer is important to business success.

Office chair in IndiaOne easy and very neat way to resolve this problem is to consider Rotunda Reception furniture as available at US Office Chairs. This gives lots of versatility and looks good but comes at a very reasonable price. The Rotunda range comes in three different sizes of seating which is ideal if you have a very small waiting area, or a large space to furnish. Each separate reception chair butts up against the next unit and wedge shaped, or slim-line connector tables can be used to link the units together, or to utilize corner spaces. This range comes in black bases and wedged seats too, so the seating can be taken right the way around a room if required.

An ‘Accompany’ metal legged reception chair says ‘sleek and modern’. These chairs are available in a number of fabrics and colours. The ultra modern brushed aluminum cylinder legs and matching Malibu tables with glass tops are modern and contemporary. These speak loudly to any customer walking into the reception area and give the impression of a modern up to date company which is doing well. The right reception chair for an individual business depends very much on the budget of the company concerned, and the first impression it wants to give its customers.

Office chair buying guide

Are you scratching your head at what all of the different options mean? The right office chair should be ergonomically suitable, supporting your body in a variety of positions whilst still allowing you to effortlessly carry out tasks with efficiency. Most of the pointers are ones we’ve noted before in our guide to ergonomically optimizing your workspace: Arm rests should keep your elbows bent 90 degrees, seat height and back rest height should be adjustable, etc. This is the most important feature. We don’t blame you.

  • Aesthetics are of course also important, and ensuring that your new chair is in keeping with your office design is a vital consideration.
  • The graphic lays it all out visually so you can see what you need to look for in an office chair at a glance (or even print this out and take with you when chair shopping). For optimal flexibility, the height range of the seat should include heights both slightly lower and slightly higher than your ideal setting.
  • Your feet should rest flat on the floor without compressing the back of your thighs, otherwise you’ll restrict blood supply to your lower legs and feet – resulting in tired and possibly numb legs.
  • Office chairs, also called task chairs, come in many different shapes, sizes, add-ons, and prices.
  • The first thing to look for, and thankfully found in most chairs, is a height adjustable seat.
  • To give you some idea of where your seat height should be in relation to how tall you are, seated heights from 15″ – 22″ will accommodate users from 5’0″ tall to 6’4″ tall – you can use our Ergonomic Office Desk, Chair and Keyboard Height Calculator to find the correct height for you.

until your elbows are just above the table top. We want to help you unravel the different models and features that you’ll see on our site so that you can be sure you’re getting the perfect office chair for your needs. Not every user of a chair will be the same height so the manufacturers must make allowances for this to enable people of all sizes to use the same product. Few ergonomic chairs offer a seat height range that large, so pay careful attention to the seated height range of any chair you are considering.

If your feet still don’t rest flat on the floor, get a footrest. An ideal office chair should make your work more efficient and comfortable, and we’re going to help you find the perfect one. The most ergonomically sound position is to be able to sit with your feet flat on the ground (without compressing your thighs which would reduce blood flow to your legs). There have been many ergonomics studies done and it has been shown that a supportive office chair increases productivity and maximizes the efficiency of the person sitting in it. Many ergonomic office chairs offer a choice of height cylinders so the chair can be ordered with the correct height range for the individual. The type of chair you choose should ultimately be defined by its intended purpose, including the length of time it will be used for.

If you’re going to spend hours in your office chair without a break, it makes more sense to splurge on a chair with as many ergonomic adjustments as possible. A bad office chair, on the other hand, can lead to back strain, leg problems, and carpal tunnel, all of which cause lost time at work and send turn send productivity spiraling. The seat should have pneumatic height adjustment so you can easily adjust the seat pan height while you sit on the chair. For homework or surfing the web of an evening, it’s likely it will only be sat on for a couple of hours a day. If you’re buying for a home office that you may only use an hour or two every day, other factors such as budget and style might influence your decision as much (or more) than adjustability. With occasional usage you can prioritise aesthetics over ergonomics, selecting a model that will compliment the décor of your home over a particularly hardwearing design. However, if you require a chair for all-day use in a home office or business environment, this will mean heavier usage.